January 2015

Interstellar — didn’t know what to expect but certainly didn’t expect to fall in love with this post-apocalyptic tale of black holes, wormholes, and science versus love. I’m still not a big Matthew McConaughey fan, though.

Birdman — maybe my expectations were too high (I’ve been dying to see this one ever since it was released), but after being mesmerized at the beginning, I was disappointed by the end. There are moments of brilliance (and dialogue that hits you in the gut), but there was too much explaining of things that didn’t need it and not enough explaining of things that did.

Gone Girl  — enjoyed it more than the book, probably because of the superb acting and the fact I knew what was going to happen.

Babadook  — exactly what a horror movie should be: far less shocking blood and gore and far more of what really scares us.

Wild — stunning, visually, and a great look at the way Cheryl Strayed’s adventure saved her, but I’m still wondering how a movie based on the book, whose screenplay was written by Nick Hornby, could miss out on all the laugh-out-loud moments from the book

February 2015

The Hundred-Foot Journey — charming with mouth-wateringly, delicious food scenes, and the actors all fell beautifully into their roles. Book reservations at your nearest Indian restaurant for after the show.

April 2015

Bye, Bye, Birdie — had to watch the movie after seeing the middle school performance. What a cast! Great fun.


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