The Queen’s Latest Meme

Back in the day, when I was named the Queen o’ Memes, I regularly posted memes on my blog and tagged other bloggers to participate. We had great fun with those memes, which were much more creative than most of what gets dubbed a “meme” on Facebook these days. Ms. Musings was a happy participant back then, and she recently suggested I might make a little exercise of hers into a new meme. I liked the exercise, so I took the challenge.

She was at a workshop for her job, in which they were assigned some homework. One thing they had to do was to write up their visions and share them. They had to describe what the best six months of their lives would look like, as (she describes it) a sort of positive thinking/empowerment/take responsibility for your own life activity. It sounded like a fun challenge, because, like she, “I find people who make poor decisions and then whine about the consequences and act as if life has it in for them entirely punch worthy.” So, here’s my vision:

1. My home is finally decluttered, dejunked, and well-organized.

2. All the furniture I want to keep that needs repair or reupholstering has now been repaired and reupholstered, and because of #1 and #2, I now love my home instead of thinking of it as monumental tasks that never get done.

3. I have been writing every. single. day. for at least 2 hours a day and preferably 3. It doesn’t matter what: short stories, blog posts, chapters of novels, letters… The key is that I’m writing every day (the way Stephen King says I should).

4. I have been submitting works I’ve written for publication on a regular basis and have had at least one thing published somewhere (anywhere).

5. I have driven cross-country and back, staying with wonderful friends all along the way to the west coast and all the way back to the east coast.

That’s it. Let the six months begin!

Meanwhile, if you’re reading this, consider yourself tagged. If you don’t have a blog, but you’re on Facebook, use the “Notes” section of that. What do your six best months look like?

8 thoughts on “The Queen’s Latest Meme

  1. Please come up here to Ottawa, too!!! We could be on your jaunt on the other way around the Great Lakes! 🙂 Because, you know, I am reading Moby Dick and I finished it! So when I saw your comment on my last post I was a little shocked that we both were giving it a go again……I LOVE this meme. Points 3 and 4 are me, too, something I’ve been thinking about and planning to do this year. I have been writing 🙂 Just have to write Let’s make this a good year, shall we? 🙂 Hugs from up here, at some point spring has to show up…..


    • Susan, I would love to get to Ottawa as well. Hope you enjoyed Moby Dick all the way through. I’m reading it quite slowly but will get there eventually. Just so much to ponder and think about in that book, and it’s making me want to go back to some of the whaling ports in New England where I haven’t been in years. Yes, let’s DO make this a good year! You’ve just given me such a boost here that I’m determined to make it so!


  2. Thanks for picking up the meme, Emily! I love your house by the way, but I do know what you mean about seeing it as a series of tasks. You should outsource it to someone to organize it all for you.


    • I’m sure you love my house because the only things you see are the books! I dream about outsourcing the organization to someone else and just might do that (or at least some of it) to speed up the whole six-month process.


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