Welcome to Emily’s Brain Works

What does that mean, “Emily’s Brain Works”? Basically, it means that “Emily’s Thoughts” was already taken, at least on one of the other blog sites with which I experimented before deciding I’d go ahead and use WordPress after all, so I had to come up with something else. What are thoughts? They’re brain works, right?

But this is also a place, I hope, to prove that my brain works. I’m hoping that it works not only for me, but also in ways that are interesting enough to attract others — you know, those people who will boost my stats to 5 visits a day, at least.

There’s no theme here. My brain likes to work all over the map. I do read a lot, so I suppose there will be quite a lot here about books and articles (but no promises). Also, there are some things that don’t interest me at all: if you’re into cars, say, or motorcycles, or cake pops (one of the most disappointing desserts ever created. Please skip the unnecessary stick and give me real cake with real icing), you’re not going to find much here to interest you. The rest of you, who knows? Welcome to my brain.

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